A concept that I’ve named “the aimless pursuit of more” has been on my mind recently.

For me, the “more” has always been career and financial success. When I achieve a goal, I feel aimless until I have a new and bigger one.

This non-stop cycle of discontentment has been…

30 directives for my next 30 years

As today is my 30th birthday, I spent time going through old books, journals and notes in order to compress what I’ve learned into bite-sized directives for how to live.

The lessons were learned the hard way and my hope is that by putting them down on paper (or in…

Hey, Friends -

Welcome to The Saturday Slack, a list on what I’m diving into with a one sentence summary for those too busy to explore themselves. Sorry for getting this out a few days late this week, but there are loads of incredible insights in the bullets below. As…


It’s helpful to remember that life is much less linear than school, self-help books, or your parents told you it would be.

Progress is much more stochastic in nature.

One day, you leap 13 steps ahead.

The next, you leap 22 steps back.

So whether you find yourself today in…

In modern society, it is often a badge of honor to be busy.

To work 12+ hour days. To achieve numerous goals. To have so many obligations that your schedule is overwhelmed with all the things you have to do.

If there was an upside to covid, in my opinion…

This week, we are putting our family home on the market.

As part of the preparation process, our realtor made a few suggestions to make the home stand out a bit more from the pack. One of the said suggestions was to paint the basement to give a new buyer…

Benny Glick

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